2018 The Music Man Jr.

The Penguin Project Donors 2017

Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital

Art & Christine Zygielbaum

Michelle Derr

Lincoln Pediatric Group

Woods Bros. Foundation for Giving

Lincoln Arts Council

Mike & Linda Verzal

Kevin Duling

David & Linda Hirschfeld

Patrick & Chris Haen

Rachel Danay

Bryan & Marleen Rickertsen

The Penguin Project Grants
Lincoln Arts Council



The Penguin Project ® was conceived by Dr. Andrew Morgan to bring young artists with special needs and peer mentors together to create a theatre production.

The origin of the name “Penguin Project” comes from the unique characteristics of penguins. They are extremely playful and curious, and work well together. More importantly, they have a “disability” that distinguishes them from other birds – they can’t fly!! Instead, penguins waddle and toboggan on their bellies over the snow, and are excellent swimmers in the water. Like our young artists, penguins have adapted to the challenges of their environment, and have not allowed their unique difference to interfere with their lives.

Lincoln Community Playhouse was the first community theatre outside of Illinois to partner with The Penguin Project to produce a production. We're excited to provide this opportunity each spring.